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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iphone Application 念佛记数机 ver 1.0

Traditionally, people buy small counting device to help them keep track of the number of Amitabha chant that they will chant everyday.  The old device does not have function like keeping track of the cumulative count and setting a Target count. 

This nice little Iphone application actually replaces the need to carry this counting device and is a wonderful tool for Buddhist to practice their Amitabha chanting everyday.  As a Pureland (净土)practitioner, you can give your full focus and attention to the word 阿弥陀佛 and do not need to worry about how many times you have chanted.  You can also be assured that once you have reached your target count, there will be an alarm to alert you that you have reached the target count.  You can also set the interval alarm to help inform you of your progress so far.
Now you can do your chanting everywhere and every time, whenever you want, and still be able to keep track of the number of count that you have chanted.  Quickly get hold of this application and start your daily chanting practice!

这是一件取代传统念佛记数机的iphone application.  它可是你不可多得的助缘,帮你在修行路上,精进再精进!它能记录两个累计数,让你设定念佛的目标数。当你念到目标数,你就会听到警报。那是多便利呵!你也能设定区间警报,让你能知道你的进度。
不要优豫了,赶快下载这个iphone application. 你可转心,一心一意地把注意力放在这个佛号(阿弥陀佛),不用再分心记住佛号念了多少声.

- 2 cumulative counts to help you keep track of your cumulated count.
- Tap sound for each count.
- Interval alert after number of interval count to keep you informed of your progress.
- Target Count for each session.
- Setting of your user preference.

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